Credit Card Surcharges Likely Won’t Affect You

If you don’t know by now, merchants can now charge you a surcharge every time you use your credit card. If you have been living under a rock, consumers and the media are playing the role of Chicken Little and this event is the sky falling.

Do yourself a favor and stop for a second.

Stop to get all of the facts. 

Stop top process all of the information before you start a new credit cards are bad campaign.

Stop to understand all of the rules before you go all cash crazy.

swiping credit card

All of the crying over credit card surcharges is mostly uninformed knee-jerk reaction to the media blowing another story out of proportion.

Odds are you won’t ever see a surcharge from any retailer, and it’s not speculation either. Most of that last statement is coming from the facts surround this whole merchant settlement mess.

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My Biggest Money Mistake – Treating Debt Like Free Money

This post is from Daisy, who runs the blog When Life Gives You Lemons, Add Vodka. If there are any grammar or spelling mistakes in this post, you can blame it on the fact that she’s Canadian. 

I’m wandering the mall with a friend, window shopping. “That’s cute”, my friend says, pointing at something glittery in a favorite store. “Let’s not even go in. I’ve applied for my credit card, but it hasn’t shown up yet so I can’t buy anything”, I lament. I’m 18. I’ve just graduated from high school. I work almost (but not quite) full-time for just above minimum wage in a store in the mall, living and breathing constant temptation for 8 hours a day. I have an older friend dating a bouncer in my hometown, who is able to get me and my friends into bars.

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Stop With The Evil Credit Card Crap Already

Photo credit: © Leo Blanchette

There are a lot of people out there who have a negative opinion of credit cards and credit card companies. Much of these complaints center around the interest rates charged and the ease with which a person can get into debt. The problem I see with those arguments, and this is my opinion, is that those issues both center on how the user decides to handle their access to credit. It’s no secret that I love using credit cards, and I am pro-credit and believe that credit cards are useful tools when used properly. What you may not know is that I did not always use my own access to credit the right way. Actually, it’s safe to say I was a damn fool and stupid for how I used it in my younger days!

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