One Website Delivers Financially Fit Nutritional Supplements

If you work out on a more than recreational level, nutritional supplements such as protein powders, creatine, branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s), metabolism bootsers, multivitamins, and more may be staples of your routine.

For those of us who are into both working out and being financially responsible, we want to make sure we are getting the most out of both out workout routines as well as our budgets, and often times, things such as supplements can be viewed as a drain on finances.

Well my health- and budget-conscious friends, let me open your eyes to a site I found which may be able to help in that area.

creatine-protein powder-bcaa
Nutritional supplements don’t have to drain your bank account


You see, even with the wonderful powers the internet has to bring everything right to us, it’s still difficult when you have several different products that are priced better at different places.

Sure, it’s easy to shop like that online when you don’t have to drive all over town, but it’s still a huge pain in the ass.

So, what do you do when you want to buy the supps you need when each one is cheaper from a different site?

You head on over to where a unique feature awaits.


This company has a unique feature on its site, at least it’s the only one I know of. For every product it sells, you can enter in the url and price of the page on any competitor’s site and SupplementWarehouse will automatically beat it by 5%!


You see that big white box to the right of the product? That shows up on each and every product in the catalog. All you have to do is find the same exact product on another site, put that amount in the price field, and the url in the address field and voila, your order price just went down by 5%!

This way, all you have to do is perform a quick shopping search on your favorite search engine for a given product, verify that the price is still the same on the site with the lowest cost, enter that information into the SupplementWarehouse order screen and hit the adjust price button. The product you want is automatically added to your cart.

Bonus–this is not limited to just one product per order. You can perform this procedure on everything you are going to order.

Double bonus–the site offers coupons as well which can be combined with the low-price guarantee (although they aren’t of the highest value, it’s still better than nothing)!

Triple bonus–the site also provides free gifts and samples that you can add to your cart at will.

This is truly a unique way to provide value to customers that not many (if any) of the competitors are doing. It not only encourages customers to return, but also is a great way for the company to attract new potential customers. Even if someone comes just to see if the price calculator works, it’s a great conversion tool.

Sure, some places allow price matching after the fact, but it’s a lengthy process of calling and explaining, and it’s only matching in many instances and on certain sites. Here, you are getting an even better price regardless of the source and the money is being saved on the front end.

Alas, there is one caveat. If you are trying to scam the company it won’t work, as there are human workers who verify the pages and prices before allowing the order to be processed but that’s a good thing. I’d think that if nobody checked what was being submitted, the service would become a loss-producer and would probably be removed before long.


Now, this isn’t some justification for the use of nutrient supplementation, but just for the hell of it, since there is already such garbage being tossed around, let’s get a few things clear before ending this:

Nutrient supplementation is not some trick to make big pharmaceutical companies rich.

Not everyone can consume or process the required nutrients they need naturally.

Everyone has different physiology which causes them to process nutrients differently.

Steroids are not nutritional supplements.

There is no “magic pill” for anything.

And most importantly, I am not being compensated in any way for anything that appears in this article. This is all based on research and personal experience (although it would have been nice to get paid!)

So why would I waste my time typing all that if it isn’t the main point of this article? Well, because for one, people like to go off on tangents and connect things that don’t necessarily have a direct connection to what is being discussed. Another reason is that no matter how apparent a statement may be, it sometimes needs to be explained since people don’t always see the obvious.

Quickly, let’s address the points mentioned previously so I can relieve my conscience and say that I did my due diligence with regard to the unrelated stuff that undoubtedly will be brought up:

The FDA doesn’t approve supplements but that doesn’t mean they are not valuable or healthy. Research studies are done on all nutritional supplements. Many are extensive and conduced by people in the medical profession with advanced degrees like this clinical study on MusclePharm Assault, whereas many of the opponents don’t provide any factual backup or reference like this article on the myth of protein supplementation. I’d take the advice of Dr. Jim Stoppani with his background in biochemistry and sports science over almost anyone, especially some alternative, pot-smoking, yogi who is anti-everything-science!

Nutrient supplementation is indeed necessary for a variety of people who have deficiencies due to such things like pregnancy, genetic defect, poor diet, and more. I would say it’s a safe bet  that at least one person reading this has to take a supplement of some kind because they can’t produce a particular nutrient or their body can’t process the source of it (ie: lactose intolerance or anemia) naturally. And, not everyone has the kind of schedule that would allow them to eat meals at regular intervals which weighs significantly (no pun intended) on nutritional intake.

As far as steroids, that has absolutely nothing to do with nutrient supplementation whatsoever but needed to be stated specifically since most uninformed people don’t know the distinction.

Nutrient supplements are just that–a way to supplement a healthy life. There is no such pill that will help you build muscle or lose weight overnight, although many of the manufacturers will lead you to believe there is.

But, if you do the research and consult with your doctor, and you do go ahead with supplementation, you might as well get the best deal possible on what you will be buying!