I Will Never Wait Overnight At Any Store

Today is a wondrous day.  No, it’s not my birthday.  Nor is it a holiday.  It’s not even going to be a beautiful day weather-wise according to forecasts.  So what makes this such a wonderful and amazing day?  The release of the New iPad of course!  


People had been waiting for months for Apple to release the specs for their latest generation iPad, and the internet was abuzz when it finally did so at the iPad unveiling in California in early March.  With the announcement came the countdown to the actual product release day, which gave consumers only nine days to make their arrangements and get their money together.


Well, that day has finally arrived for the techno-freaks and Apple fanboys/fangirls out there.  Looking on eBay, some auctions are actually going for more than the retail price of the models being sold.  The demand is so high, that people are selling a place in line in front of stores.  In other words, they aren’t camping out all night to get an iPad for themselves, but rather to sell that spot to another person.  But, hey, at least they are making money off of the ridiculousness, rather than wasting time simply to be one of the first to get their hands on Apple’s shiny new product.


Personally, I would never wait in line at a store, especially overnight or for multiple days, to buy anything.  I think it’s ridiculous.  To give up that time just so I can say that I got something the day it come out in the case of this new iPad, or to save a few bucks in the case of Black Friday deals makes no sense to me.  


There’s no special prize for getting a newly released product the day it becomes available to the public.  If I needed to camp out overnight (or for days) to be able to afford something, then I really don’t need to be spending my money on it in the first place.  I like my sleep too much.  I’d rather use my sick/paid time off from work in more constructive ways.  I value my time  at a level where waiting in line for hours or days just makes no sense to me.  Those are just some of the reasons why I would never bother doing something like this.


For me, it makes way too much sense to wait for a place like Best Buy to get their regular shipment in stock, order online, and then swing by to pick it up at my convenience.  It’s a much quicker and efficient way to go about it, and I don’t lose any time, sleep, or earning power in the process.  Easy peasy.


Have you ever waited in line at a store for a product?  Every even consider it?  What would it take for you to give up your time to do so?