Shop Local: The Stores You Oppose Started Small And Local

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The calls to “shop local” have been growing louder year after year.

Even one of the largest credit card companies, American Express, started a movement called “Small Business Saturday” to entice consumers to shop at small businesses.

It seems that society has become a bit hypocritical lately.

As a whole, we applaud entrepreneurial spirit and even encourage people to start a businesses to achieve financial success (although it isn’t always the answer or even the right thing for certain people).

But then we condemn big-box national chains for whatever reason with our next collective breath.

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The BIGGEST SECRET About Taxes You Will EVER Read!

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I bet you thought you were going to be blown away by some super-secret, S.H.I.E.L.D. level 10-access info, huh?

You probably saw the title and thought “Oh, wow, now I’m going to get the real scoop!”

Or, perhaps you just clicked on the link because it looked really important with the uppercase font showcasing the “biggest secret” that would be revealed.

Well here it is….

You are gullible, and everyone knows it!

Why, you ask?

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How To Look Like A Fool When Asking For A Discount

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I have lots of clients who make me shake my head.

There’s the people who hand their kids everything on a silver platter.

There’s the guy who calls at least once a week with a new scheme to avoid paying taxes (“scheme” being the operative word).

There’s the other guy who doesn’t want to pay taxes via salary but then wants a bigger tax refund at the end of the year.

Then there’s the person who inspired this little story.

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Parents Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up To Become Like This

It's not always great to hand kids everything in life. They may end up ruining everything.

I’m not a parent.

I won’t pretend to know anything about being a parent.

I won’t try to give parenting advice to anyone (I seriously intended this to be a story, not an advice column, I swear!).

What I do know is what happens when parents hold their children’s hands through everything.

They (many) turn out to be adults that can’t do things for themselves.

Case in point: a guy I call “mumbles” runs a company that was split off from his father’s business.
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CVS Caremark’s Tobacco Ban Is Complete Garbage

CVS Caremark may just be trying to pull one over on the public. Maybe it's looking for a bump in share price or to seem more "socially responsible". Only time will tell...

On Wednesday February 5, 2014, CVS Caremark announced its intention to no longer sell tobacco products in any stores.

The reasoning behind the move is due to the company’s desire to move away from bring a drugstore, and become a health services supplier.

The company claims that tobacco products have no business being in the same place that health care services are being delivered.

That’s just wonderful.

Some people think it will hurt the bottom line.

Others think it’s simply a PR stunt.

I think it’s total bullshit and here’s why:
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